Playa Bowls Marketing Case Study: Unleashing The Power of Digital Media

June 23, 2024


In an age where digital presence significantly influences business success, having an effective online marketing strategy is crucial. For Playa Bowls, a vibrant chain known for its delicious and healthy acai bowls, stepping up their digital game was essential to navigating the fast-paced growth and competition in the fast-casual food industry.

This case study explores how Vallo Media partnered with Playa Bowls to revamp their digital marketing strategy, leading to exponential growth and increased brand recognition.

Marketing Challenges Faced

Playa Bowls’ rapid expansion presented unique challenges. The primary issues included enhancing online visibility, streamlining customer experience on digital platforms, and managing a consistent brand message across multiple locations. The goal was clear: amplify Playa Bowls’ digital presence to reflect their lively and health-conscious brand identity by putting the marketing systems in place for streamlined customer communication that drives loyalty.

Playa Bowls Strategic Marketing Approach

Vallo Media’s strategy encompassed several key initiatives:

  1. Marketing Tech Stack: Before working with us, Playa Bowls lacked any real marketing tech stack. We immediately implemented systems such as TapMango for their loyalty program, Chatmeter for their local listings management and Canva for their design team. This approach empowered their in-house marketing team to implement marketing automation, optimize reputation management and streamline franchise design requests through centralized portals.
  2. Website Optimization: We overhauled the Playa Bowls website, optimizing it for faster load times, mobile responsiveness, and improved user experience. High-quality images of their mouth-watering bowls were placed front and center, and we integrated an efficient online ordering system to enhance customer convenience.
  3. SEO and Local Listings: To increase organic reach, we implemented robust SEO tactics tailored to local search trends. Ensuring that Playa Bowls appeared in local listings and maintained accurate information was critical in driving foot traffic to new and existing locations.
  4. Loyalty Program Implementation: We introduced a digital loyalty program designed to reward repeat customers and foster brand loyalty. This program not only encouraged continuous engagement but also provided valuable data to refine marketing strategies further.
  5. Social Media Marketing and Influencer Collaborations: By leveraging social media platforms, we crafted engaging content that highlighted the brand’s unique offerings and community involvement. Collaborations with local influencers helped amplify this message, reaching new audiences and driving engagement.

Playa Bowls Marketing Results Achieved

The results were nothing short of game changing, resulting in a majority investment by Tamarix and Pacific General in 2021:

  • 195,000+ customers added to email list
  • 260,000+ Playa Bowls app downloads + installs
  • 2.1MM website visitors in 2020 (up from 1.1MM)
  • 900,000+ customers added into loyalty program
  • 180,000+ Instagram followers (up from 30K in 2019)
  • $65M valuation and successful acquisition by a VC firm


Vallo Media’s comprehensive digital marketing approach for Playa Bowls not only tackled the challenges of a rapidly growing brand but also set a foundation for sustained success. The integration of advanced digital strategies resulted in significant growth metrics and positioned Playa Bowls as a leader in the health-conscious fast-casual sector. As Playa Bowls continues to expand, the strategies implemented will serve as a robust framework for future marketing efforts.

This case study exemplifies how tailored digital marketing strategies can transform a business, proving that with the right partner and innovative approaches, the potential for market impact is vast.

Anthony Chiaravallo

Anthony Chiaravallo is the founder and CEO of Vallo Media, a premier digital performance media agency serving a diverse clientele, from venture-backed startups to Fortune 500 companies. Under his leadership, the agency delivers progressive integrated marketing, digital strategy, and paid media buying services that drive maximum ROI.

June 23, 2024

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