Maximize Your Performance Marketing Results With Adflow™ From Vallo Media

Grow your business faster with a full-service, omnichannel programmatic buying solution.


Introducing AdFlow™ by Vallo Media

A Customized Performance Media Management Platform
  • AdFlow™ is an omnichannel digital buying and reporting platform designed to empower our clients with automated real-time reporting, traffic quality control and flexibility—using proprietary data, algorithms and strategies to maximize digital media spend.
  • Includes full-service campaign management or self-service using our custom audiences, data presets and optimization protocols.
  • Supports wide range of creative deployment across the open web on premium targeted media channels.

Demand More From Your Marketing Budget

AdFlow™ is a high impact digital media buying and reporting platform designed to accelerate results and grow revenue from performance marketing.


Omnichannel Digital Buying Platform

Our platform executes fully integrated media strategies designed to optimize the results of digital campaigns across channels.

Campaign Execution & Optimization

We build and deploy your media strategy across channels and structure campaigns to optimize for desired business outcomes.

Real-Time Analytics & Measurement

We set up your very own performance dashboard and evaluate campaigns across channels daily so every media dollar is working as hard as it can be.

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The Results

Better Performance

Ad Exchanges


Lower Cost Per Click

With a unified real-time buying and reporting dashboard, Vallo Media AdFlow™ empowers clients to make data-driven decisions aligned with their marketing goals. Our in-house AdFlow™ DSP has delivered exceptional results so far, with clients experiencing 8X higher traffic quality, increased click-through rates, and reduced cost-per-conversion. As we continue optimizing performance, we anticipate even greater success ahead and would love to connect with you on improving your marketing results.

Anthony Chiaravallo

Founder, Vallo Media

Get More from Your Media Budget with AdFlow™

Maximize your marketing spend like never before with Vallo Media AdFlow™. Our powerful platform and expert strategies will help you achieve exceptional results and drive your business forward.


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