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Grow your business faster with a fully customized, omnichannel media solution.

Introducing AdFlow™ by Vallo Media

A Customized Performance Media Management Platform
  • AdFlow™ is an omnichannel digital buying and reporting platform designed to empower our clients with automated real-time reporting, traffic quality control and flexibility—using proprietary data, algorithms and strategies to maximize digital media spend.
  • Includes full-service campaign management or self-service using our custom audiences, data presets and optimization protcols.
  • Supports wide range of creative deployment across the open web on premium targeted media channels.

Get 10X More From Your Marketing Budget

AdFlow™ is a high impact digital media buying and reporting platform designed to accelerate results and grow revenue from performance marketing. 


Omnichannel Digital Buying Platform

Our platform executes fully integrated media strategies designed to optimize the results of digital campaigns across channels.

Campaign Execution & Optimization

We build and deploy your media strategy across channels and structure campaigns to optimize for desired business outcomes.

Real-Time Analytics & Measurement

We set up your very own performance dashboard and evaluate campaigns across channels daily so every media dollar is working as hard as it can be.

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I had the pleasure of working with Anthony from Vallo Media as a marketing consultant for Playa Bowls. When he first started working with us, the brand was struggling to gain traction and be taken seriously by investors. We lacked a marketing strategy, customer data, research, and expertise in all areas of marketing. However, under Anthony’s leadership, the company underwent a remarkable transformation.

In just two short years, Anthony was able to achieve impressive results. He quadrupled the website traffic, which resulted in a substantial increase in brand awareness. He also tripled the social media following, providing us with a stronger platform to connect with customers and engage with the community. Additionally, Anthony was instrumental in launching our app, which streamlined customer interactions and provided valuable marketing automation.

One of Anthony’s key contributions was the creation of a loyalty program that added over 1,000,000 customers to our first party database. This not only provided us with valuable customer information, but it also helped to build strong customer relationships and drive customer loyalty. Overall, Anthony’s work resulted in a 10X increase in every marketing metric, including website traffic, social media following, and customer engagement.

His hard work and expertise led to a successful acquisition by a VC firm, which valued Playa Bowls at $65 million. I cannot recommend Anthony enough for his exceptional work and the positive impact he had on Playa Bowls.

Rob Giuliani

Founder & CEO, Playa Bowls

Get More from Your Media Budget with AdFlow™

We are so confident that our marketing strategies and platform will deliver results that we will work for free if they don’t. No annual contracts, no setup fees―just results.


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